Are we there yet?

Like many parents, we have largely avoided travelling too far with the kids by road, because it can be tiring and the demands of little people (or teenagers) can add to the stress of travel. Bart Simpson’s famous catchcry, ‘Are we there yet?’ is funny the first couple of dozen times but after a while, combined with hunger, fatigue and traffic hold-ups, it can be easy to see why Homer frequently strangles him.

We had often talked of hiring a campervan or a hi-top for the obvious advantages of having portable snack and telly stops along the way but thought this option too pricey. However, I recently discovered amazing deals with online booking site DriveNow from as little as $5 a day and a road trip now sounds like the perfect solution.

Due to the problems associated with the relocation of vehicles, last minute deals (generally available for travel within the next two to three weeks), are offered throughout Australia via a handy thing known as the campervan relocation list and can even include fuel subsidies. Options available include campervans, hi-top vehicles and four wheel drives and all are fitted out complete with camping gear. There are no booking fees and only return travel and insurance are the responsibility of the traveller. Why couldn’t we have discovered this option years ago?

We are now discussing our next great road-trip adventure and, suddenly, ‘Are we there yet?’ is amusing again.Image


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  1. That’s so nice, Laura – thank you. I’m just feeling my way very slowly… I am very interested in your blog but also navigating it slowly. I too have had a brush with cancer and I am always a bit ambivalent about the topic as I find that for me, it is a fine line between information and negativity. I guess I try to focus on other issues but I am still drawn to it – a bit like a train wreck I guess! 🙂


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