Battle for Melbourne Hill continues

Published in Warrandyte Diary

Residents of the Melbourne Hill Road stormwater catchment are patiently awaiting further advice from Manningham Council officers after presenting an alternative plan to address drainage problems in the area.



Key concerns with Manningham Council’s original plan included significant changes to the amenity of the area due to the proposed kerb and channelling solution, as well as the prohibitive cost to ratepayers. Residents also believe the proposed figure of $1.9 million (apportioned at $5-17,000 per household) could sky-rocket further once geo-technic and environmental impact statements were completed, as experienced by North Warrandyte residents with sewage connection issues.

The community reference panel, 40 per cent of whom are flood affected, presented an alternative, staged implementation proposal to council officers in early September. Highlighting lack of standardised tunnelling and driveway crossovers, as well as poor drain maintenance as key contributors to drainage issues in the catchment, the reference panel plan focused on a process of improvements to culverts and spoon drains among other works. 

The reference panel proposal’s cost is estimated at or below council’s original $1 million investment to the upgrade, which would eliminate additional contributions by ratepayers. The plan has the backing or the majority of ratepayers in the catchment and, according to reference panel spokesperson Peter Hookey, “delivers a more effective solution at a significantly reduced cost to the original council plan which was rejected by residents”.

Peter Hookey praised Manningham Council’s consultative process and said, “The panel are confident that our proposal will be well received by council officers.”

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