Massive Subdivision


Published in Warrandyte Diary

Photos by Claire Pini

In a provocative move, the committee of the newly incorporated Warrandyte Sporting Group (WSG) has voted to sell off prime property allotments at Warrandyte Reserve.

The 303 real estate parcels, “some with river frontage”, will sell for between $50 and $1,230 in a bid to raise capital for a scoreboard and fit-out costs for the new sporting facility at the reserve.

Spokesperson for the group, David Dyason said the allotments “were very reasonably priced, in accordance with size and location” and described the sale as “a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Warrandyte”.

The brainchild of fundraising organiser Dinah Ward, the ‘real estate allotments’ are actually handcrafted tiles that will form an abstract representation of the Warrandyte Township, and grace the foyer of the new sporting facility at Warrandyte Reserve.

The new sporting complex, designed by local architect Ross Henry, is due to open in April and will house Warrandyte Junior and Senior Football Clubs as well as Warrandyte Netball and Cricket Clubs. The facility will be managed by the volunteer-run WSG, established to oversee the operations of the new sports club centre.

Created by local ceramic artist Jane Annois and assisted by Eltham artist Mary Lou Pittard, the three-dimensional, abstract mural will be made up of individually handcrafted tiles in earthy tones and of varying sizes and depths.

Ms Annois told the Diary, “I was immediately drawn to the project as it’s a Warrandyte endeavour and a wonderful facility for the community.” The artwork has been fashioned to complement the starkly modern lines of Ross Henry’s building design and was inspired by the works of acclaimed visual artists, Paul Klee and Gerhard Richter.

People will have an opportunity to support the sporting group by purchasing a tile and owning “a piece of Warrandyte” in perpetuity. Each individual tile will be handcrafted and personalised with the purchaser’s desired inscription.

The unique showpiece will measure 2.8 metres high and 2.1 metres wide over two interconnecting panels in the facility’s foyer. Ms Ward explained, “The idea evolved from the concept of selling clay bricks into creating one-of-a-kind tiles designed by Jane to form a ‘map’ of Warrandyte.”

David Dyason advised, “The massive, Warrandyte sub-division real estate release is planned to coincide with the ‘Run Warrandyte’ fun run on 2 February, 2013”. The project’s completion date is aimed for the first at-home football match in early April. Mr Dyason added that the allotments are strictly limited and any further subdivision would be allowed by “permit only”.

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