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Bullying: Alive and well in our medical system

15 November 2015




Dr Don Kane shares one nurse’s tragic experience: a regulatory system rife with bullying and dysfunction, where health professionals are guilty even when proven innocent.

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Has the UN failed in Libya?

15 November 2015





Dr Ibrahim Natil examines the political fallout of UN negotiations in Libya and finds political and geographic divisions have deepened, compromising the future of a civil state in the coming decade.

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The Abbott “experiment”: Are we a country of suckers?

12 November 2105


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Peter Boyer examines the Abbott “experiment’s” pervasive culture of climate skepticism and pronounces the main lesson to be: “never do this again”.

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Malcolm Turnbull:Verbal acrobatics required for Paris climate talks

8 November 2015


Malcolm Turnbull will need to utilise his obvious talent for rhetoric to convince a global audience at the Paris climate talks in November, as there is no substance to the Government’s “Direct Action” climate policy, says Noel Wauchope.

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Dutton and Morrison: Shades of the Third Reich

8 November 2015




Lyn Bender examines the recent re-branding of Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison and finds only “lovely lies” and the same old hard-hearted cruelty. 

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Australia’s democracy: A one party consensus

5 November 2015


Before there can be reform, it’s time to wake up and accept responsibility for Australia’s political system — a one-party “consensus” controlled by the Corporate-Industrial Complex, says Alfred L.C. van Amelsvoort.

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Unlike Australia, China illustrates the true meaning of direct action on climate

1 November 2015




China”s response to an ambitious new plan for direct action on climate demonstrates a high level of appreciation for its role in effecting global change. Dr Anthony Horton reports. 

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Queensland’s most dangerous detective: A story of Machiavellian corruption and ulitamte demise

31 October 2015


As the second edition of The Most Dangerous Detective hits the shelves this month, author Steve Bishop details how he came to write about the events behind the demise of corrupt Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis. 

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Australia must double or triple current efforts on climate according to new report

29 October 2015




To limit global warming developed nations need to significantly reduce their reduction efforts and adopt “diversity aware leadership”. Melbourne University researchers Anita Talberg and Maite Meinshausen outline findings of a new study.

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ScoMo and Crabb: No human rights on the menu

25 October 2015



Will Annabel Crabb invite Scott Morrison back into the kitchen when it is no longer de rigueur to pimp Scott Morrison’s ride but to declaim his human rights crimes against asylum seekers? Gaye Demanuele critiques Kitchen Cabinet. Read more HERE.


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Tokyo: A society’s acceptance of depression

24 October 2015


Does Tokyo deserve its title as the world’s most liveable city? Christian Catlow delves beneath the facade of efficiency and achievement to the less-reported high rates of depression and suicide.

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A matter of sovereignty (Part3): No transparency or self-respect

23 October 2015



Dr Evan Jones completes his three part analysis of the influence of corporate interests on so-called “free” trade agreements and their effect on Australia’s sovereignty. Read More HERE.

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SA Royal Commission: Who wants to be a nuclear billionaire?

1 October 2015



Noel Wauchope navigates the complex web of ambiguity behind submissions to South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.

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A transformative vision for Australia

25 September 2015


Could Canada’s bold new Leap Manifesto, founded on the principles of caring for the planet and one another, change Australia? Alfred van Amelsvoort outlines his transformative vision based on the Canadian model. Read more HERE.

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Will Turnbull act on climate?

18 September 2015



Malcolm Turnbull is now Prime Minister but are his climate credentials all they’re cracked up to be? Will his climate policies differ from Abbott’s?James Wight reports. Read more HERE.



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The great Australian middle class welfare myth

10 September 2015



Is middle Australia rorting the system? James Blair examines the latest statistics on middle class welfare. Read more HERE.



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Teaching our kids: The ultimate position of power

3 September 2015



Teachers wield enormous power, especially in early childhood. Sophie Lovediscusses the need for positive reinforcement in education, based on her personal experience. Read more HERE.


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Scientific phenomenon: Stories that send your kids to sleep in no time flat

27 August 2015




Finally: A legal, non-chemical, even scientifically approved way to get your kids to sleep. Kerry Cue discusses the phenomenon of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for your parenting arsenal. Read more HERE.


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Corporate immunity to criminal prosecution: Send bank CEOs to gaol

20 August 2015



In the final of his three part series, Dr Evan Jones concludes that the political class and the regulators are complicit in bank criminality and calls for bank CEOs to be prosecuted. Read More HERE.



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Aus1st: A safe, unifying, evolutinary pathway to our fully sovereign future

13 August 2015



“The challenge for Australian republicans”. In the third of his four-part series, Ross Garrad outlines the plan for a unified and sovereign Australia.

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Read Part One here and Part Two here.


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Stopping the boats: A graph for lazy journalists

30 July 2015


Lazy journalists continue to accept the Coalition’s claim that Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison stopped the boats. But the game-changer was the Rudd government’s announcement in July 2013 that no asylum-seeker arriving by boat would be resettled in Australia. John Menadue lays out the facts and figures. Read more HERE.






Can Abbott or Shorten ever re-ignite the Light on the Hill?

23 July 2015


With both Abbott and Shorten hitting rock bottom in the latest poll, Australians feel short-changed compared to the visionary leaders of old. Whilst John Curtin was voted our most popular PM, it’s Ben Chifley who gets Rodney Lever‘s vote. Read more HERE.


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